25-6 win of Dutch waterpolo women over Great Britain

In the quarterfinals of the European Championships, the Dutch water polo women had no problem with Great Britain. The team of national coach Evangelos Doudesis was convincing and won by double digits: 25-6. 

After the first period the game was already decided (7-1). From the midfield position Kitty Lynn Joustra signed for the 8-1. The production of goals did not stop after 9-2, as Brigitte Sleeking shot 10-2 into the long corner moments later. Simone van de Kraats made it 11-2 with a panna moments later. Halfway through, the score was 15-3. 

In the second part of the match, successively Lola Moolhuijzen (16-3), Lieke Rogge (17-3) and again Moolhuijzen (18-3) were the goal scorers. A curve ball from the second line made it 18-4 two minutes before time.

Fleurien Bosveld scored the first goal (19-5) for the Orange in the final period. She was opposite Lotte van Wingerden, former teammate at Polar Bears, who has a British passport. ,,It was very nice to play against her today. Especially since it’s at a European championship. Still, we didn’t give away any presents. We always give one hundred percent and therefore always have to keep the focus.” 

For the British Van Wingerden, the European Championship is already a success. ”It’s totally unexpected that we got into the top eight. We are extremely proud that we achieved that. As a team we train little with each other. That is why it is special that we are doing so well here.”  

The Netherlands certainly kept that focus until the end of the one-sided game. A backhand by Vivian Sevenich (20-5), two hits in a row by Moolhuijzen, Joustra from the center forward position, a penalty throw by Marit van der Weijden made it 24-6. From a combination, Joustra put the final score on the scoreboard 58 seconds before time. 

For Van der Weijden, it is “enjoying” her first European championship. For her parents, it’s switching between Croatia, where brother Mart plays with the men, and Eindhoven. ,,It’s so nice to play this tournament at home. The crowd is really great. Today was a nice game and we are now in the semifinals.” 

Netherlands – Great Britain 25-6 (7-1, 8-2, 3-1, 7-2)

Netherlands goals: Lieke Rogge 5, Simone van de Kraats 4, Lola Moolhuizen 4, Kitty Lynn Joustra 4, Fleurien Bosveld 3, Brigitte Sleeking 2, Marit van der Weijden 2, Vivian Sevenich1.