Dutch waterpolowomen in quarterfinals achter a 15-10 win over Greece

After the waterpolowomen’s 15-10 victory over Greece, national coach Evangelos Doudesis felt the game shown was solid and controlled. He described the game as a mature performance. Given the pattern of play, the Greek-born was right. Especially in the second period, the Dutch scored in a continuous stream and led 9-4 at the halfway point.

Britt van den Dobbelsteen was under the crossbar the whole game. ,,It was the first time for me to play a whole game. In the beginning I had a bit of nerves, but as we got more and more ahead, the pressure fell off my shoulders,” the 21-year-old goalie indicated. ,,It was nice that my father could be there today. He had broken his leg and was in a wheelchair.”

In the second part of the game, Van den Dobbelsteen made a couple of clever saves. Amid loud cheers from the crowd, the Netherlands was no longer in danger. In doing so, captain Sabrina van der Sloot and Simone van de Kraats asserted themselves with their goals. ,,The last goal was the most beautiful of the five. I got two knocks on my nose, knew it was almost time, was underwater and knew roughly where the posts were”, Van de Kraats, top scorer of the day with five goals, looked back.

”We are just better than Greece,” Vivian Sevenich felt. ,,Broadly, we have more quality.” The Oranje mid forward was already part of the 2012 selection that played the European Championships in the same Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. The difference? I am much more aware of it now and can therefore enjoy it more. The crowd is really fantastic here.” Captain Van der Sloot, four goals down, knew after the first period that things were “fine. ”We now have a day off to recover. That’s nice after three match days in a row.”

Netherlands-Greece 15-10 (4-3, 5-1, 2-3, 4-3)

Goals Netherlands: Simone van de Kraats 5, Sabrina van der Sloot 4, Iris Wolves 2, Maartje Keuning 1, Brigitte Sleeking 1, Bente Rogge 1, Vivian Sevenich 1.

Goals Greece: Eleftheria Plevritou 2, I. Chydirioti 2, Elina Xenaki 2, Nikoleta Eleftheriadou 1, Maria Patra 1, Eirini Ninou 1, Eleni Elliniadi 1.

Tuesday, Jan. 9 is quarterfinals at 5:30 p.m. against the winner Israel v. Great Britain.