Presented logo and slogan of the European Water Polo Championship 2024

There is less than a month left until the European Water Polo Championship, and on this occasion the organizers from the Croatian Water Polo Association presented the official logo and slogan.

For the first time in history, two related European water polo championships will be held in the same country, and after the fantastic edition in Split in 2022, from January 4 to 16, the hosts are this time two cities – Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Inspired by Croatian interlace

Aware that the previous edition in Split raised the highest possible bar, we tried to follow the same standard with the logo design and visual identity. The host cities and the Republic of Croatia are represented by specific symbols and motifs that intertwine cultural heritage with water polo. Inspiration for the official logo of the event is the traditional Croatian Interlace – a three-ribbon pattern most often used in pre-Romanesque art. The contours of the interlace are also reflected into waves or water – as integral part of our sport. Combined together with the water polo player silhouette – finally giving us a strong visual reference to both host country and the sport.

United in water polo in the heart of Europe

The motto of water and waves in the braid is reflected in the very slogan “Waves of Unity”. Water polo has always nurtured a unique connection between all its actors. It is not just a sport, but a cultural phenomenon that shapes character, instilling the values of teamwork, resilience and pride, putting collective identity before individual differences. Motivated by the reason why the championship came to Croatia again, the slogan symbolizes the connection of all participants – players, spectators, volunteers, guests from all parts of Europe, new generations. By connecting a diverse group of individuals with a common passion for water polo, we send a strong message of solidarity.

This event is not just about the competition; let’s celebrate shared values, collective strength, and the enduring spirit of unity that resonates through the waves of water polo and broader.

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